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Services Provided:

24 hour emergency services provide 7 days a week.

Rattlesnake Riley will remove all rattlesnakes and nuisance pests such as raccoons, skunks and possums in a timely manner. Rattlesnake Riley wants to insure the safety of all individuals put in threatening situations.

Rattlesnake Riley will perform safety inspections around the perimeter of homes and property. We also provide inspections for homes on raised foundations. Rattlesnake Riley will also inspect decks, machinery, and any other structure that may contain rattlesnakes and nuisance pests.

Rattlesnake Riley performs the humane removal and trapping of all rattlesnakes and nuisance pests. Bruce will remove all nuisance pests such as raccoons, skunks, possums, bats and beavers. If needed depredation tags can be obtained through the Department of Fish & Game for the removal of coyotes, pigs, and cougars.

Rattlesnake Riley and Floriana Faciana will educate clients on snake and animal safety. Homeowners, home owners associations, renters, businesses, schools, property managements and government agencies will be given advice on how to deter and avoid conflict with rattlesnakes and nuisance pests.

  • Floriana Faciana runs special programs to educate children on snake safety and snake information.
  • Rattlesnake Riley will provide service contracts.
  • Rattlesnake Riley is licensed through the Department of Fish & Game.
  • Rattlesnake Riley will work to assist all law enforcement and emergency services in the removal of rattlesnakes and other nuisance pests.