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Bruce Riley of Rattlesnake Riley is a 24 veteran of the United States Army and currently still serves in the California Army National Guard. Bruce has dealt with venomous species of snakes throughout his military career in places such as Panama, Honduras, the Middle East and continental United States. As a Combat Arms Instructor, Bruce has dealt with many rattlesnakes on weapons and training ranges.

Upon return from a recent deployment, Bruce strives to provide the utmost in safety to his clients. Bruce will safely remove all rattlesnakes and nuisance pests from homes and businesses.

My goal is to prevent recurring problems. Snakes and animals are relocated to private property beyond the reach of residential and commercial properties. Rattlesnake Riley is licensed, bonded, insured, and licensed with a Permanent Trapping License number through the Department of Fish & Game. Rattlesnake Riley is an environmentally friendly business dedicated to humane removal.